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The Maintenance Portal allows customers to obtain upgrade licenses and to download current products. The licenses in the Maintenance Portal are limited to those with current maintenance. Any license maintenance contracts renewed after the current version is released are not available in the Maintenance Portal.

To login to the Maintenance Portal, please enter the username and password provided to you.

If you experience any problems with this site, please log a support case at http://support.embarcadero.com/forms

DBArtisan 2016+, Rapid SQL 2016+, DB Change Manager 2016+, DB Optimizer 2016+, DB PowerStudio 2016+

***Changes to Licensing for Upgrading to the 2016+ version***

DBArtisan and Rapid SQL:

These products now use a multi-version enabled license. Users will no longer need to obtain version- specific serial numbers or license certificates and can use existing 2016 licenses to register the 2016+ version of these products. Valid maintenance agreements are required.

DB PowerStudio suite, DB Change Manager, and DB Optimizer:

These new versions will require a new license. To access these licenses, please log into the Maintenance Portal. The product executable download links are available on the same page as your licenses.

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